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Projection of “GOYA 3 DE MAYO” by Carlos Saura at the Spain Pavilion

Projection of “GOYA 3 DE MAYO” by Carlos Saura at the Spain Pavilion

During Aragon Week, the Spain Pavilion hosts the short film GOYA 3 DE MAYO by the filmmaker Carlos Saura, commemorating the 275th anniversary of Goya’s birth.

From March 21 to 26, the Spain Pavilion hosted the Government of Aragon to present the region’s week at Expo 2020 Dubai. On March 22, the Day of Honor of Aragon took place where different businessmen of the Community presented the cultural and economic aptitudes of Aragon. 

Until March 23, the public of the Spain Pavilion could enjoy the screening of the short film by filmmaker Carlos Saura GOYA 3 DE MAYO, which brings to life the emblematic canvas by painter Francisco de Goya The Third of May. For Carlos Saura, Goya’s canvas is “a unique visual material in the history of painting and engraving and a plea against war only comparable to Pablo Picasso‘s Guernica”. 

This project has attracted the attention of visitors to the Spain Pavilion and they have been able to observe the potential of Aragon and its cultural and artistic references, especially the figure of the painter Francisco de Goya in the Aragon Week

The short film was filmed in Teruel and has been promoted by Aragón TV and the Government of Aragón, with the collaboration of Acción Cultural Española, the Deputation of Zaragoza, the Deputation of Huesca, the Deputation of Teruel, La Caixa Foundation and Forestalia and has been in prestigious festivals such as Malaga, Tallinn or Sitges.

GOYA 3 DE MAYO has a total running time of 14 minutes where, based on the series “Los desastres de la guerra”, the moments prior to the execution of the Spanish people who rose up against the Napoleonic invasion are reconstructed. Gaizka Urresti, executive producer of the project, explains that this work, which tells the story of the war against the French and the uprising of the people against the occupation of the Napoleonic troops, coincides with events that are still present today.

During the Day of Honor of Aragon other projects were presented, that take place during the week, such as the screening of the video Aragon, logistics platform. Visitors to the Pavilion continued to enjoy culture with a show by the dance company LaMov and the Aragonese band DELACUEVA, who presented their #EstampidaTour at Expo 2020 Dubai.

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