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The Spain Pavilion celebrates International Fragrance Day with Iberchem

The Spain Pavilion celebrates International Fragrance Day with Iberchem

On the occasion of International Fragrance Day, Iberchem concludes its collaboration with the Spain Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai with a very special event full of activities related to perfumes. 

Today, March 21, the Spain Pavilion celebrates International Fragrance Day with the help of the perfume house Iberchem, creator of the olfactory dimension of each of its facilities. Throughout the day, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in this event, in which activities such as fragrance creation workshops with the company’s perfumers or special tours focused on the sense of smell will be developed. All of these activities are open to the public, although access is limited.

Through this event, the company collaborating at Expo 2020 Dubai wanted to focus on what is really behind each of the fragrances: the raw materials, the creation process, the work of the perfumers…

Nearing the end of the Universal Exhibition in Dubai, Iberchem puts the finishing touch to it collaboration with the Spain Pavilion with the organization of this event. Since its inauguration in October 2021, more than a million visitors have been able to enjoy the official aroma of the pavilion. The world of fragrances, highly relevant in Arab culture, has been well represented thanks to the olfactory installations created by Iberchem. From The Forest of Intelligence to Glimpses of Al-Andalus, tourists experience an olfactory journey where they discover the richness of the characteristic aromas of the Spanish geography: the saline freshness of the seas and the green and humid areas of the north and the surrounding fragrance of citrus and vineyards.

In tune with the Spain Pavilion, the fragrance is also sustainable. In its creation, priority has been given to minimizing the environmental impact, being more than 60% of its composition biodegradable.

If you want to know more details about today’s event at the Spain Pavilion for International Fragrance Day, visit the Iberchem website. 

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