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The Spain Pavilion celebrates the Day of Honor of Aragon at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Spain Pavilion celebrates the Day of Honor of Aragon at Expo 2020 Dubai

Aragon celebrates its Day of Honor at the Spain Pavilion with the presence of the President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán.

On Tuesday, March 22, the Autonomous Community of Aragon moved to the Spain Pavilion to showcase the region’s potential and its cultural and artistic references at Expo 2020 Dubai, highlighting the figure of the painter Francisco de Goya.

On the occasion of the Aragon Week, which began on Monday, March 21, the Spain Pavilion welcomed different businessmen from the region so that they could showcase their cultural and economic skills. Promoted by Aragón TV, the Government of Aragón and Acción Cultural Española, the short film GOYA 3 DE MAYO by the Aragonese filmmaker Carlos Saura was presented, bringing to life the characters of Goya’s emblematic canvas The Third of May. Commemorating the 275th anniversary of the artist’s birth, it has captured the attention of visitors to the Pavilion, symbolizing the moments prior to the execution of the Spanish people who rose up against the Napoleonic invasion. 

The institutional ceremony took place at the Spain Pavilion after the signing of the Book of Honor. The Ambassador of Spain opened the ceremony, giving way to the President of the Aragonese Council of Chambers of Commerce, Manuel Teruel. During the institutional event, the video Aragon, logistics platform was shown and the event ended with the participation of the President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán.

The Aragonese dance company LaMov was present and they were in charge of closing the day with a cultural performance showing the talent of the region to all the public who attended. Music was also present in the Day of Honor of Aragon with the young Aragonese band DELACUEVA, who took the opportunity to present their concert #EstampidaTour at Expo 2020 Dubai.

The political representatives had the opportunity to visit the Spain Pavilion and the different installations  before the end of Expo Dubai 2020 next Thursday, March 31. During the tour, they enjoyed The Forest of Intelligence, winner of the Exhibitor Magazine’s World Expo Awards as best exhibition.

Until March 26, the Government of Aragon will be present at the Spain Pavilion to showcase the region’s progress in the field of sustainable development and innovation. The Government has wanted to maintain the legacy of the International Exposition of Zaragoza in 2008 where the main theme was “Water and sustainable development”, coinciding with the purpose of the Spain Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai and its location in the Sustainability District.

Throughout the Aragon Week, several activities will take place, such as the technical debate on the legacy of the Water Tribunal with experts in environmental and innovation policies, entrepreneurship or smart water territories. In addition, the Pavilion will host a scientific experiment on collective intelligence where students from Spain and Dubai will be able to make contributions through an online platform on policies that guarantee the availability of water and its sustainable management.

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