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22 Jan.

16:00 Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre

A María Moreno show: I Dance

A María Moreno show: I Dance

Dancer and choreographer, María Moreno is already consolidated as one of the mainstays of a generation of flamenco dancers who has learned the technique until they have mastered it, who has sought the details of the masters to define the essence, but who has managed to find their own language without distorting what they are doing, flamenco dance. Their dance, highly stylized, is full of nuances, of personal details that unfold meanings, stories.

“What about those things I don’t want to tell, but I want to dance? I like to have a sense of myself, but not to see myself; I like to dance”. I dance is a proposal in which she composes pieces of an unique and original mosaic that define her as an artist and, a little bit, as a person.

The María Moreno show will take place at the Dubai Millennium Amphitheatre on Saturday 22nd, January, at 4:00 p.m.

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