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12 Dec.

14:00 Spain Pavillion

Presentation of the Gymchess App

Presentation of the Gymchess App

The Gymchess app has a cognitive training program that hepls delay brain aging while playing chess. The platform can be used for preventive or therapeutic purposes in a context of seeking well-being and improving mental health.

On Sunday, December 12th, the presentation of the Gymchess application will be held in the Spanish Pavilion. The Spanish start-up of the same name has developed a chess-based cognitive training program (ECAM ©) in the form of a mobile application with the aim of improving the cognitive system and delaying brain aging.

Gymchess has been supported by the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, through the Ekintzaile-Txekintek program, for its recent incorporation. ECAM © is a methodology developed in multiple face-to-face workshops with more than 3,500 users over the last 10 years with the support of the Junta de Extremadura

The presentation will begin at 3:00 p.m. with the presentation of Carmen Bueno, Executive Commissioner
of the Pavilion, which will act as host for the event, and Teresa Riesgo, Secretary General of
Innovation at the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Government of Spain. To explain the principles on which Gymchess is based, the co-founder of the app Leontxo García, journalist and scientific disseminator, will give a talk about “Chess and brain aging”, which will be followed by the participation of the second co-founder Juan Antonio Montero, psychologist, and a key person responsible for Extremadura being the first world reference in social and therapeutic applications of chess, will explain the ECAM © basics and origins.

After the explanation about the beginnings of Gymchess, there will be an investment pitch with Asier Rufino, co-founder of the platform and founder and CEO of Tecnalia Ventures, followed by a presentation of the application that will close the day by the marketing manager of Gymchess , Arantxa Garin.

The event will be held at the Multipurpose Room of the Spanish Pavilion and one hour after, at 15:00 will be broadcasted in Spanish via Zoom.

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