Connecting minds, creating the future

Under the theme “Connecting minds, creating the future”, Expo Dubai 2020 expresses the need to forge meaningful and long-lasting collaborations and alliances. Current challenges are too complex to be solved by individual countries alone. Sustainable solutions to global problems require collaboration across borders, institutions, industrial groups, cultures and disciplines. Opportunity, mobility and sustainability are the three areas selected by Expo Dubai 2020 to conceptually organise the general theme. They extend in the form of petals, converging in the centre of the Expo grounds: Al Wasl Square.

The world’s current problems require the creation of new alliances and multilateral relations.

Connecting minds, creating the future

Relevant information

  • Expo 2020 is located south of Dubai in a strategic area that is experiencing a lot of growth. This area is home to the large free trade zone of Jebel Ali Port, the Dubai Investments Park, and provides direct access to the new Al Maktoun International Airport.
  • The location of Expo 2020 maximises logistical and operational efficiency for participants, facilitates local and regional access for visitors, offers international visibility and guarantees a high level of security.
  • The event can be followed not only in person, but from anywhere in the world, as Expo 2020 Dubai has developed an ambitious program of online activities, including concerts, light shows, days dedicated to each of the participating countries, talks and presentations, among many other activities.

Construction process

Construction process

The legacy of the Expo will be sustainable and will be transformed into an innovative urban space.

  • Expo 2020 Dubai includes a residential complex— Villa Expo, with over 2,300 apartments for participants— as well as hotels, commercial and recreational areas and service areas.
  • A large part of the venue’s surface area will be re-purposed after the Expo and give rise to the new District 2020: a large innovative urban project that will integrate residential areas with flexible and collaborative work spaces, social and cultural activities, green spaces and commercial and leisure facilities.

The numbers of the Expo

The numbers of the Expo


live shows every day


hectares of venue surface area, the equivalent of almost 300 football pitches


countries present at the Expo, the largest gathering ever at a World Expo


12 lineal kilometres of shade


% of the venue’s energy comes from sustainable sources

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Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a former British protectorate that gained independence in 1971. It is also the name given to the capital city of this emirate.

Dubai is a vast metropolis in constant growth. In the last few decades, it has become one of the most important financial, logistics and business hubs and prime tourist destinations in the world. The different neighbourhoods of Dubai extend north and south along the Persian Golf coast and are home to nearly 3 million people (of which 85% are foreigners).

Much more Dubai

Must-sees in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Towering above the city at 828 metres, this is the tallest building in the world and the signature feature of the Dubai skyline. On a clear day, the view from the observation deck on the 124th floor is breathtaking. You can also enjoy this same view from the many restaurants located on the upper floors of the building.

Dubai Mall

With over 1,200 shops and 150 restaurants, this is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It offers visitors an indoor theme park, an ice rink, an impressive indoor waterfall and an immense aquarium. Another attraction for visitors are the musical fountains located in a basin at the base of Burj Khalifa. This water, light and music show is free to attend and visitors will marvel at how high the fountain sprays water in the air- up to 150 metres. Shows occur daily every 30 minutes, starting at 6pm.

Palm Jumeirah

is the largest man-made island in the world and one of Dubai’s most iconic sites. A monorail runs down the ‘trunk’ of the palm-shaped island and connects to the city’s public transport system. The island is home to an array of luxury hotels, most notably Atlantis The Palm.


Along the banks of the Dubai Creek is where the inhabitants of Dubai first settled. Historically the fishing and pearling industries were based along the creek making it an important area in the history of the emirate. The Al Fahidi Fort, built in 1787, houses the Dubai Museum and is surrounded by a labyrinth of small streets where traditional street markets selling gold, spices and textiles stand alongside more modern shops selling mainly electronics. It is also recommended to take a sunset ride in a dhow or traditional boat.


The coast of Dubai boasts a variety of white sand beaches with crystal clear waters. Most of them are public but a few of them belong to hotels or residential complexes. On public holidays, many people head to the beach. One of the most popular beaches is located next to Burj-al Arab Hotel. This 7-star luxury hotel is one of the best in the world. With its structure made to resemble the sail of a ship, it is one of the most emblematic buildings in the city.

Before you travel to Expo 2020 Dubai



The official currency of Dubai is the dirham (AED). Each dirham is subdivided into 100 fils. The exchange rate is approximately 4 dirhams to 1 euro.



Arabic is the official language of the UAE. However, English is widely spoken, especially in the tourist sector, and is a lingua franca for millions of foreign residents living in the country.

Alcoholic beverages and dress recommendations

Unlike other Islamic countries, non-Muslims can buy and drink alcohol in authorised shops and establishments. There are no specific prohibitions for clothing but it is best to be respectful of local traditions, especially during religious holidays and the month of Ramadan (in 2020, end of April to end of May).

Entry requirements

Citizens of EU countries do not need a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and can stay up to 90 days. Upon arrival, they are required to show a passport with at least six months of validity from the date of entry into the country.

Official time zone and temperature (GMT+4)

The official time zone of Dubai is GMT+4. As a reference, Dubai is 2 hours ahead of Spain. During the months Expo 2020 is held (from October to March), temperatures are pleasant with highs between 25ºC and 30ºC and lows around 15ºC. In summer, temperatures can reach over 50ºC during the day (at night they can go down to 30ºC), and the days can be extremely humid and windy.